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Sama Ehden Park is a huge project for kids world.
Our Project consists of:
– Sama Ehden Cafeteria:
In our cafeteria we serve all kinds of:
* Hot and cold beverages
* Desserts and cakes
* Narjileh
– Games outdoor- indoor:
* Discovery – chain
* trempoline – bumper car
* slides, swings, and many others
– A games room:
* Billiards
* Hockey
* Basket Ball
* Train
* Bungee jumping
and our special and unique 2 racing cars in Lebanon,
the 2010 3D Formula Car
– Sama Ehden Colony:
S.E.C welcomes your kids starting from the 16th of July till the 1st of September
* Ages: from 2.5 to 9 years
* Time: from 9 am till 1:30 pm
– Nursery:
Our nursery opens its door the 9 of July
* Ages: 6 months to 2.5 years
* Time: from 8 am till 1:30 pm
For more information or reservation please contact Mrs. Laurice Chalhoub Mekary 03/ 759 755
– Birthday Parties:
In Sama Ehden Park you can celebrate your birthday parties in our INDOOR AND OUTDOOR birthday room
And a special package will be offered to all who want to celebrate their birthday parties with us!!!
– Restaurant (Original & Occidental)
Also in Sama Ehden Park a new fast food restaurant Sama Ehden will be ready in order to serve our customers, the best and delicious food(PIZZERIA-GRILL-BAKERY) in town.
Sama Ehden caters for all your occasions especially birthdays consisting different special packages. Enjoy fresh food in the cool air and a relaxing environment where an entertainment area is provided for your children.
– Hygiene:
Hygiene is crucial when related to babies, children, and for grown ups as well, that’s why our cleaning stuff will make sure that all rooms and games are well cleaned and sterilized 24/24 all through the week!
– Security:
You don’t have to be worried if you want to leave your kids and go somewhere else because all kids who are inside the project won’t be able to go out without their security paper.
– Objectives:
* To make Sama Ehden a local favorite place to visit for citizens and tourists.
* To achieve the largest market share in the country
* Throught effective customers management system
* To be an active member of the community